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Cranioplasty Surgery Treatment Unit

The Centre for Neurosciences at Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital offers Cranioplasty Surgery treatment for patients requiring surgical treatment for complex problems of the skull. Cranioplasty is a surgical repair procedure that is performed to repair a bone defect in the skull which could be a result of injury or left behind after a previous operation.

Our team of craniofacial, neuro-plastic, and microvascular surgeon follow a multidisciplinary approach to achieve the best possible results for patients requiring surgical repair of skull fractures or deformities. We treat both simple and complex deformities by using cranial modelling technology to provide patients with positive outcomes, both medically and cosmetically.

The Centre for Neurosciences at Nanavati Hospital performs Cranioplasty Surgery for a variety of medical conditions such as head trauma or a surgical procedure that has left a noticeable change in the contours of your skull or face. We understand the patient’s unique needs and offer a surgical approach that combines the skill and precision of both neurosurgery and craniofacial plastic surgery. The overarching goals of cranioplasty include restoring natural function, as well as enhancing aesthetics.

In order to correct the defect a doctor perform Cranioplasty using a prosthetic or other synthetic surgical material or material from patients own body, such as:

  • A piece of bone from the patient’s rib or pelvis
  • A piece of bone from the patient’s skull (that is removed and replaced)
  • Acrylic
  • Mesh or plate titanium
  • Synthetic bone-like material

We are committed to offering the latest surgical techniques for Cranioplasty Surgery, with an emphasis on Minimally Invasive Surgery. As a patient, you can expect to receive most personalised surgical plans that will address your specific condition and provide access to the care you need and deserve

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