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My father, T.G.K. Menon got admitted in a very serious condition at Nanavati Hospital on 6th January. We found all the doctors and the staff at the Intensive Care Unit to be very transparent about his health condition, from the very beginning.
We are very thankful to Dr. Ansari, Dr. Sunil, Dr. Saurabh and rest of the doctors and nursing staff at Nanavati for the excellent medical treatment and care extended to him during his stay for 10 days at the ICU.
The doctors were honest and did not build any unnecessary expectations nor did they unnecessarily scare the patient or relatives. Dr Ansari took time to explain in detail, the complications involved, the options available to us, the pros and cons of each of the options and their advise on what we, the relatives, should opt for, under the existing circumstances. Instead of trying to extract maximum commercial advantage of the situation, they advised us in creating an ICU like infrastructure at our home. This helped us in getting my father home and providing him a comfortable environment of his choice, spending time with Children and grand children, while getting the best health care. Dr. Saurabh has continued to come every week and under the guidance of Dr Ansari, continues to help my father have a comfortable time. This has resulted in reasonable health improvement and we are grateful to the excellent team of Nanavati.
We are also thankful for the sensitivity shown by Dr Ansari and the team to the patient and the relatives. This has indeed become a rare virtue in the competitive corporate healthcare environment, currently prevailing everywhere. We wish the ICU team at Nanavati the very best and hope and wish that they continue with their good work.

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