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This is Nirant Gurav

My mother Mrs.Madhavi Gurav had got severe heart attack on 11th July,2018 and was admitted in Ram Krishna Mission,Khar at the same night. When reports came after her tests their doctor asked us to shift her in different hospital as her condition was very critical.

Then we decided to move to Nanvati Hospital.Vile parle and on 12th July,2018 we admitted her in the same. We got quick response and necessary medication from doctors and we met Dr.Rohit Shahapurkar who was handling the case.

He checked her well and gave us proper explanation about her condition.

He kept her unconscious for four to stabilize her heart. He told us at that time her heart was functioning only 20% as compared to normal person and told that they were going to do bypass surgery once her heart is stabilize for operation.

He didn’t give any guarantee of recovery or whatever maybe happens while operation also. But asked us to stay firm and strong and was continuously doing his efforts.

On 17th July, 2018 her bypass surgery was there as she responded well in those three days of medication. It was a open heart surgery and was very much risky…it took five hours to complete the surgery and on 3.30 he asked us to come to meet at Cathlab.

When we reach he gave us warm smile and we were relaxed that the surgery was successful. He gave us detailed information about her condition after surgery as well and we were just praying. After two days doctors made her conscious and asked to meet her and we were so happy to see her very much like before she was at home…now she is at home recovering very well.

All the credit goes to Dr.Rohit Shapurkar and team. We heard that doctors are always play the God role in OT and came to know it’s very much true.

On every visit Dr.Shahapurkar guides us with all the updates regarding her recovery & the kind of gesture he shows to his patiens are exceptionally brilliant.

On a recent visit, Dr.Shahapurlar told all the stuff from the start & while telling dis , I got to see a kind of happiness through his words ,that he is also very happy for his work .
Truly Gentlemen with kind heart.

We don’t have words to wish Shapurkar and team to give my mother back to me. Loads of thanks again.


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