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Urology Surgery

Over the last 30 years, since the department opened, it has acquired all the equipment required for open surgical procedures and endoscopic work.

Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital has an excellent Nephrology unit, and with them we have an active renal transplant program. The program mostly covers live related donors, but we have done three cadever renal transplants. Future plans include having a special endoscopic outlet where all procedures can be performed under one roof jointly with the radiology department. We carry out interventional radiological procedures also.

The department of Urology is doing considerable work in conjunction of Gynaecology, in the area of male infertility, and the Hospital plans to open a special clinic for male infertility in the near future

List of services of Department

The department carries out all operative surgical procedures and endoscopic procedures like TUR, URS, PCN, PCNL.





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