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Pediatric Neonatology

Hematology-Oncology is the branch of medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood diseases (hematology) and cancer (oncology), which includes diseases such as iron deficiency anaemia, haemophilia, sickle cell disease, thalassaemia, leukaemia and lymphoma, as well as cancers of other organs.


A Pediatric Hematologist-Oncologist is an expert who specialises in delivering high quality patient care while treating children and teenagers with blood related disorders and cancers from birth through young adulthood.


Children and teenagers have bodies that are growing with unique medical needs. The disease management in case of a child/teenager will differ than that from an adult. To get a complete understanding of their signs and symptoms, to make them feel comfortable despite the anxiety and fear during clinical and diagnostic examinations - is task which pediatric hematologist-oncologist are trained and experienced at, thus putting both the patient and their parents at ease.


High Risk Developmental Follow-up Clinic

Follow up of newborn infants at risk of developmental issues is a part of holistic care. Certain babies with complex medical issues admitted to neonatal ICU are at increased risk of having developmental delay/anomalies. Such potential babies can be identified during NICU admission These babies need to be screened for growth and developmental deficits after their discharge from NICU. By identifying their problems early, therapies can be instituted so as to prevent and/or treat disabilities.


What is done at high risk OPD:

  • Growth parameter measured (Weight, height, head circumference, etc.)
  • Developmental milestones reviewed
  • Screening for hearing, ophthalmic examination performed
  • Assessment of babies for their development at expected date of delivery, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months of corrected gestational age and 24 months if required
  • If abnormalities found, correction with physiotherapy/occupational therapy/Speech therapy/Orthopedic procedures offered
  • Team for high risk follow up consists of: Neonatologist (Dr. Suresh Birajdar), Physiotherapist, Occupational therapist, Neurology, Psychologist, Audiologist, Ophthalmologist, Psychologist




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