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Nephrology Centre

The Centre for Nephrology is dedicated to the understanding of kidney diseases and their development, progression, treatment and prevention. Our department aims to develop new strategies to improve disease processes in patients with kidney disease, all while providing quality patient care.


Basic Nephrology

We offer in-patient as well as OPD care to all nephrology patients around the clock. This includes counselling, management of kidney disorders and systems affected by kidney diseases, as well as related procedures. Our Centre for Nephrology is a close-knit unit which includes highly specialised nephrologists, urologists and transplant surgeons. Services for kidney biopsies, dialysis and kidney transplantation are made available under the same roof. We also have state-of-the-art facilities for the nephropathology division. The Centre for Nephrology is supported by complete biochemistry, immune-microbiology and dedicated transplant-related labs for drug levels, immunohistochemistry and HLA typing. The microbiology support in post-transplant infection is excellent. It is all this and more that makes us the country's best kidney care providing unit.


Critical Care Nephrology

The Centre for Nephrology is a major participant in intensive care, and provides care to ICU patients with acute renal failure, volume disturbances or electrolyte and acid-base disorders.
We have several techniques for the treatment of acute renal failure, such as low continuous venovenous hemofiltration, Hemoadsorption, Plasmapheresis, CRRT and online HDF (depending on the patient's requirement and underlying disease). Much of the treatment concerning ICU patients is related to the remarkably active procedures (IV contrast for Angioplasty / Post CABG), or acute renal failures following Polytrauma, multiorgan failure of any origin, etc. The department is equipped for all kind of extracorporeal therapies including MARS.


Dialysis Services

Not only does Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital provide conventional haemodialysis, but also CRRT, Hemofiltration, Plasma Exchanges / Plasma Pheresis, etc. To ensure patient safety, the department is equipped with the latest computerized bicarbonate hemodialysis machines
with volumetric ultrafiltration and adjustable sodium facility. We also provide 24x7 dialysis services, and have isolated units for patients infected with Hepatitis B or HIV.

The constant monitoring of sick patients on dialysis is made possible with the help of a highly specialised monitor.
More than 2500 hemodialysis are performed per month (round the clock dialysis of 4 hours each) including ICU dialysis, by a highly-trained technical and nursing staff, under the guidance of the dialysis medical officer and the overall supervision of senior consultants.


Kidney Transplant

Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, Mumbai, is one of the leading renal transplant centres in India, with a team of highly experienced transplant physicians and surgeons. We have conducted over 2500 transplants in the last decade, with results that are at par with the best centres in
the world. A specially designed state-of-the-art transplant unit has been constructed for immediate post-transplant care, and has been subsequently managed by dedicated trainers and nurses, who are assigned to look after every patient. A formal patient & family training.


This division offers a variety of specialised procedures including renal biopsy pathology (light microscopy) with special staining procedures and direct immunofluorescence. This service is provided by a highly specialised team of histopathologists. FNAC is taken care of by a separate,
experienced cytopathologist.


Pediatric Nephro-Urology Department

The Pediatric Nephrology Department offers a full range of outpatient renal services including diagnostic support for prenatal urological malformation, as well as the management of renal diseases and hypertension. The pediatric nephrologist also works closely with the pediatric urologist and the Department of Fetal Medicine, particularly in the case of fetal diagnosis or in the treatment of patients with complex urological problems. A full range of pediatric urology services are provided, including bladder and kidney reconstruction, genital reconstruction and
minimally invasive urology surgery.


Nephro-Radiology and Nuclear Medicine


  •  Plain X-ray KUB - Provides information regarding any radio opaque shadow within the kidney / ureter / bladder.  IVP - Provides information about the structural abnormality of the urinary tract.
  •  DTPA Scan (Dynamic Renal Scan) / Renogram – This investigation provides information about the blood flow to the kidneys, as well as how well each kidney is functioning.
  • DMSA Scan (Static Renal Scan) - This tells us about the size, shape and position of the kidneys, and whether there are any scars on the kidneys from previous infections.
  • Ultrasound KUB - Provides information regarding the shape, size and position of each kidney as well as information regarding the urinary bladder and the prostate gland.


Other Services Include:


  • Percutaneous Renal Biopsies
  • Dialysis and Transplantation
  • Interventional Radiology




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