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Breast Surgery

Breast Cancer Surgery is performed to remove the tumour. All breast tumours may not be malignant (cancerous). Some of them could be benign (non-cancerous). In such cases malignancy is ruled out by conducting a biopsy and other related histopathological tests.


There are various types of breast surgeries. The treating surgeon will advise a specific surgery based on the medical history and also the size, location, type and grade of the breast cancer. During the surgery the best surgeon tries to save as much as breast tissue as possible. However, in some cases there may be a need for total or radical mastectomy where the entire breast may have to be excised.


Mastectomy is a surgery which involves the removal of the breast. There are five different types of mastectomy - partial mastectomy, simple/total mastectomy, modified radical mastectomy, radical mastectomy and subcutaneous (nipple-sparing) mastectomy.


After breast cancer surgery, many women opt for breast reconstruction surgery which can be performed immediately after the breast cancer treatment or later on in the life. In a Breast Reconstruction Surgery, the surgeon makes a normal-looking breast with the help of breast implants or the patient's own tissue from another part of the body.




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