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Bariatrics (Obesity Surgery)

Morbid obesity (BMI above 40) is a chronic condition and a risk factor to several other ailments like diabetes, hypertension, liver disorders, endocrine disorders and reproductive health concerns amongst many.


Bariatric Surgery (also known as Obesity Surgery or Weight Loss Surgery) is a surgical procedure performed on the stomach and/or intestines that helps patients with extreme obesity to lose weight. There are different types of Bariatric procedures (mainly of two kinds, gastric banding or gastric bypass), which often limit the amount of food intake or affects digestion/absorption of food,thus resulting in weight loss.


Weight loss surgery may be an option in a person with BMI 35 to 40 with no comorbidities or BMI 30 to 35 with significant comorbidities, after the person has failed to lose weight despite following strict diet and exercise regimen along with weight loss medicines (in some cases).


Post-surgery, besides medical follow up, a person undergoing surgery will also need to follow diet and exercise routine as recommended by the treating doctor.




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