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Patient & Visitor

Hospital Schedule of Charges & Guidelines

1. Advance deposit policy for patient admission
  1. For medical case following is the advance deposit schedule as per room category :
    MICU /
    1st Class 2nd Class Free 1st Class 2nd Class As per 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class
    Deposit Amount 33000 30000 10000 76000 38500 38500 51000 38500
  1. For surgical case following is the advance deposit schedule as per room category :
    Surgery Grade Bed Category
    1st Class 2nd Class Free 1st Class 2nd Class As per 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class
    Grade II 25000 20000 10000 25000 20000 20000 25000 20000
    Grade III 55000 35000 15000 55000 35000 35000 55000 35000
    Grade IV 85000 55000 25000 85000 55000 55000 85000 55000
    Grade V 130000 85000 50000 130000 85000 85000 130000 85000
    Grade VI 160000 120000 70000 160000 120000 120000 160000 120000
    Grade VII 180000 120000 85000 180000 120000 120000 180000 120000
    Grade VIII 215000 140000 95000 215000 140000 140000 215000 140000
  2. Advance deposit amount will be adjusted in the final bill at the time of discharge.
  3. For TPA patient, security deposit of Rs. 5,000/- per lac of total bill to be deposited (balance amount will be refunded once claims are settled with TPA).
  4. Depending upon the treatment cost; billing department will be requesting the patient / patient relative for timely deposit of amount towards the patient current bill as on that date.
2. Bed charges for various bed category
S. No. Floor / Ward Name Bed Category
1st Class 2nd Class Free 1st Class 2nd Class As per 2nd Class 1st Class 2nd Class
1 ICU Ward 14 NA NA NA NA 5250 NA NA NA
2 ICU Ward 12 NA NA NA 8500 / 6000 5250 / 4400 NA NA NA
4 IRCU - Ward 11 NA NA NA NA NA NA 6000 NA
5 PICU / NICU Ventilator Beds NA NA NA NA NA 4350 NA NA
6 NICU Non Ventilator Beds NA NA NA NA NA 2350 NA NA
7 A Wing 6000 NA NA NA NA NA NA NA
8 B Wing 5500 4200 / 3500 / 3200 NA NA NA NA NA NA
9 Extension Ward 14 5500 3300 / 2350 NA NA NA NA NA NA
10 Maternity ward 4700 4200 / 3750/ 3100/ 1950 NA NA NA NA NA NA
11 Paediatric ward NA 4050 / 3300 NA NA NA NA NA NA
12 Ward 5 4500 2600/ 2350/ 2100/ 1850 / 1700 NA NA NA NA NA 5250
13 Ward 6 NA 2200 / 1850 / 1750 NA NA NA NA NA NA
14 Semi Free Ward NA NA 1500 NA NA NA NA NA
15 Oncology Ward 13 3700 2200 1600 3700 (Isolation Bed) NA NA NA NA
16 Chemotherapy NA NA 600 (Day Care) NA NA NA NA NA
3. Documents required for patient admission (Cash Paying / TPA / Corporate)

All patients will be admitted through Emergency Department of the hospital.

1. Documents required for cash paying patient admission:
    1. Patient photo identity proof.
    2. Patient address proof.
2. Documents required for cashless TPA patient admission:
    1. Patient photo identity proof.
    2. Patient address proof.
    3. TPA ID Card.
    4. Insurance policy copy.
    5. 1st doctor consultation paper (conducted before admission).
    6. Lab / Radiology test report (conducted before admission).
    7. FIR/ MLC copy (in case of accident/assault).
    8. Birth certificate & photo (for child below age 5 years). TPA assistance Tel no: 022 – 2626 7614, 2626 7686 Fax No: 022 2618 5105 Email:

3. Documents required for corporate / company patient admission:

  1. Original credit / referral letter from respective corporate / company.
  2. Employee identity card.
  3. Patient photo identity proof.
  4. Patient address proof.
4. Billing guideline
  1. Discharge time for planned discharges is at 9 am.
  2. If in case; patient does not get desired bed category, then patient may opt for next available higher bed category & would be charged as per the category of admission.
  3. In case of emergency surgery / procedure 25% extra charges would be applicable.
  4. Doctors charges are negotiable for A wing, 1st class, B wing II, 2nd class bed category. Patient / patient attendant is requested to give consent for negotiable fee payment.
  5. All the hospital tariff including 'Negotiable Doctors fees "will be collected through the Hospital only.
  6. When two separate procedures are carried out by two surgeons simultaneously, operation theatre charges would be charged 100% for the higher category surgery and 50% for the lower category surgery.
  7. If patient is transferred from lower bed class to higher bed class, then patient will have to pay with retrospective effect all the charges (except bed charges) as per schedule of higher bed class in which patient gets transferred.
  8. Payments are to be made in advance and whenever intimation for advance deposit is given, patient / patient relative is requested to pay the advance amount.
  9. For any queries with respect to Billing, please contact Billing in-charge.
  10. Discharge process of patient start from the moment when doctor document’s & order’spatient discharge in patient medical records file. Discharge process involves medicine return, discharge follow up medicines order, discharge card, final bill preparation which takes a lead time of at least 2 hours.
  11. In case of delivery: please obtain the birth certificate from MCD office. Please collect your reference slip from the Medical Record Department after 21 days of birth between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on working days.
  12. Doctor's visit and Operation charges are levied according to the surgery grade &bed category in which patient is admitted.
  13. All payments to be made in cash / debit card / credit card.
5. Policy on change of Bed category
  1. At the time of transfer from ICU, if the patient opt for a bed category lower than the single room, then the charges of procedure/ surgery already performed shall be charged as per single room bed category charges.
  2. In case of up gradation of bed category from lower bed to higher bed; then the patient will have to pay charges for all the services such as tests, procedure, doctor visit fee, surgery fee as per the opted higher bed category with effect from the initial date of admission (excluding bed charges only).
  3. In case the patient opt for lower bed category then the charges for lower bed category will be applicable from the date and time when the request for change of bed category is executed and subject to clearance of pending dues till that time.
  4. Patient transfer from ICU to ward will be subject to clearance of total bill amount as on that date and time.
  5. In case;patient is transferred from ward to ICU; then the ward bed should be vacated by the patient attendant. If patient attendant wish to keep the bed occupied; then the additional room / bed charges will be applicable.
6. TPA Patient guidelines for admission
  1. TPA department timings: 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.
  2. Non-functional days: Sunday and Bank holiday.
  3. Patient or patient attendant is requested to submit the documents required for admission as mentioned in section 5 (to be linked with section 5).
  4. Patient / patient attendant is requested to collect the pre-authorization form from the TPA office and get the form duly filled & signed by treating doctor.
  5. The completely filled and signed pre-authorization form should be submitted to TPA Dept. which will be faxed to the respective TPA.
  6. Once the hospital has submitted the duly completed pre-authorization form. Patient / patient attendant is requested to contact customer care for timely approval by TPA for admission of patient.
  7. Security deposit of Rs. 5,000/- per lac of total bill (balance amount will be refunded once claims are settled with TPA).
  8. Patient / patient attendant will be timely informed with respect to the current bill status of patient. And if required an informed request for bill enhancement will be sent to respective TPA.
  9. Patient / patient attendant is requested not to collect the bill from Medical store for any medical / consumable purchased.
  10. Patient / patient attendant is requested to ensure to collect / return medicines before the final bill is made.
  11. Patient / patient attendant is requested to fill consent form in TPA Department for the facility to view photocopy of lab, radiology test reports online through hospital website; within 4 working days after patient discharge.
  12. In case, the TPA deny / reject the claim partly or fully then patient / patient attendant is required to pay the difference or the entire bill during discharge paid and settled at the time of patient discharge.
  13. Non-medical expenses and difference amount should be
  14. Patient / patient attendant is requested to provide their EMAIL ID mandatorily for future correspondence.
  15. For scope book (New India) 50% of claim amount should be paid as refundable deposit.
  16. Kindly contact TPA department before discharge.

Patient Care Services

1. Patient grievance and feedback:
  1. Dedicated patient care executive is deputed in Marketing & PR department of hospital to assist & resolve any service delivery concerns of patient or patient attendant.
  2. The patient care executive is available for services from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm at Extension no. 664.
  3. Confidential Patient Feedback Form: At the time of discharge; we request all patients to provide us written response in patient feedback form which is a confidential document.Patient feedback forms are available at Nursing Station or Reception. Your feedback is a source of information for management to improve the services and take corrective actions towards patient care excellence.
  4. Kindly contact main reception for any kind of support, we are available to serve you any moment.
2. Food Service Timings for Admitted Patients:
  1. Clinical Nutritionist visit all the admitted patients and assess the nutritional requirement of patients after discussion with respective doctors and the clinical staff.
  2. Clinical Nutritionist conduct assessment visits to patient in morning before lunch and in afternoon time.
  3. Clinical Nutrition Dept. is functional from 8.00 am till 8.00 pm.
  4. Department is located in the main entrance lobby towards cafeteria.
  5. Food service timings for admitted patients is as follows:
Morning Tea 6:30 am to 7:00 am
Breakfast 8:00 am to 9:00 am
Soup & Lunch 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
Evening Tea & Snacks 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Dinner 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Bed Time Milk 9:00 pm to 9:30 pm
3. Infection Control Guidelines for the Patients
  1. Wash hands, use hand rub solution before and after touching the patient.
  2. Please do not sit on the patient bed or touch the surgical sites, dressings or any tubing’s attached with patient (IV cannula, urinary catheter, Ryle’s tube etc.)
  3. Do not enter the patient’s room if you are suffering from cough, fever, skin disease, conjunctivitis.
  4. Patient attendant visit’s to be limited to one person for each patient at any given point of time.
  5. Patient attendants are requested to follow hospital visitor’s policy.
  6. Do not bring flowers/ fruits/ food for the patients as these may carry infection.
  7. Do not litter. Use black bag for disposal of general waste.
  8. Strictly adhere to visitor's policy to provide safer environment to your patient.
4. Patient Rights and Responsibilities Click Here

Patient Attendant Services

Food Timings for Patient Attendants
  1. For patient attendants the hospital has made provisions for cafeteria at ground floor behind main lobby.
  2. Cafeteria is open for service from morning 7.00 am till 1.00 am in night.
  3. Attendants can order food as per the menu from hospital restaurant (Dial 3085).
  4. Attendants are requested to kindly do not pay cash to the steward, and kindly ask for the bill copy.
Restrictions within the premises
  1. No outside food allowed however food brought from home can be taken only in cafeteria at the ground floor.
  2. Smoking, eating pan masala / gutka and drinking (alcohol) in the hospital are criminal offences and is strictly prohibited.
  3. Violence against medical, paramedical, other hospital staff and damage to hospital property are punishable offences.
  4. Use of electrical appliances other than hospital equipment is not allowed and washing of clothes is strictly prohibited.
  5. Please conserve Water & Electricity.
  6. Hospital reserves the right of admission for anyone patients and / or visitors.
  7. Food articles from outside are not permitted to be brought into the Hospital and served to patient.
  8. On the medical and infection control grounds a patient may be requested for transfer from one bed to another bed.
  9. Patients suffering from contagious and infectious diseases shall not be admitted in General Wards.
  10. Patients, relatives and visitors are requested to observe silence and should not commitany nuisance and indiscipline within the hospital premises.
  11. Foreign patients are requested to deposit their passports with Admission department.
  12. Admission for Foreigners will be restricted to “Special Wing A” Class only.
  13. Patient and patient attendants are requested not to offer any tips or gifts to the hospital staff.
  14. Any patient attendant under the effect of alcohol will not be permitted to enter the hospital premises.
  15. Bedding from outside is not allowed in the hospital.
  16. Only one attendant is allowed to stay with patient on 24 hours basis (overnight).
Taking care of valuables:
  1. Please do not bring any valuables in the hospital. Hospital Management shall not be responsible for any loss or theft of your valuables.
  2. In the interest of patient and patient attendant’s you are requested to keep cash and valuable articles such as smart phones in proper secured custody.
  3. Please do not handover your mobile phone/valuable to any unknown persons or Hospital Staff.
  4. Attendants in single, special rooms are advised not to leave the room unattended. However, if you are leaving the room along with the patient for any reason, please
    inform the concerned Sister-in charge or Staff Nurse on-duty for making arrangements to lock your room.
Visitors’ Policy:
  1. At the time of patient admission, two passes are issued to patient’s attendant who can accompany patient at all times, during hospital stay.
  2. Passes are issued against a deposit fee of Rs. 50 /- per pass which will be refunded when the passes are returned to admission’s department during patient discharge.
  3. Visiting hours: Evening - 05:00 pm to 07:00 pm.
  4. Children below 12 years of age are not allowed to visit the patient.
  5. Entry to patient room is strictly on the basis of Attendant/ Visitor Pass.
  6. Attendants waiting area is on ground floor. Attendants of all ICU patients can also wait in waiting area on ground floor.
  7. Special Cases where additional passes can be issued: In case of child when both theparents need to stay in hospital. An additional Attendant pass can be issued with prior approval.
  8. In case of nuclear family where one of the parent is admitted & there is a child in the family & the child needs to stay with the parents. An additional pass can be issued with prior approval.

Important Contact Numbers within the Hospital:

S. No. Department Direct Landline No.
1 ACRO (Advanced Centre For Radiation Oncology) 022 - 262 67 692
2 Admission 022 - 262 67 531 / 530
3 AKD Department (Dialysis) 022 - 262 67 573
4 Ambulance Services 022 - 262 67 500
5 Audiology 022 - 262 67 613
6 Blood Bank 022 - 262 67 561 / 562
7 Casualty 022 - 262 67 539 / 659
8 Cosmetology Centre 022 - 262 67 741
9 CT Scan & PET Scan Reception 022 - 262 67 574
10 Health Check 022 - 262 67 694 / 695 / 696
11 Heart Institute 022 - 262 67 631 / 632
12 Laboratory 022 - 262 67 563
13 Medical Report Delivery 022 - 262 67 786
14 MRI Reception 022 - 262 67 541
15 OPD Appointment 022 - 262 67 694 / 695 / 696
16 Telemedicine Consultation 022 - 262 67 674
17 TPA Corporate Cell 022 - 262 67 500
18 Ultra Sound Department 022 - 262 67 616

24 X 7 Hospital Services

Ambulance Services
Ambulance services are available round the clock for transport of normal patients / deceased patient as well as critically ill patients supported by world class resuscitation medical infrastructure and emergency response team.
Please contact telephone operator located on ground floor at extension no. 9 / 524 for availing Ambulance Services.

ATM Services
Axis Bank has installed an ATM machine within the hospital campus for exclusive service to patients and staff.

Blood Bank Services
Blood Bank services are available on 1st floor of Casualty Block.

Nutrition department is responsible for fulfilling all the nutritional requirements of patients.
While cafeteria services are available for patient attendant from 7.00 am till 1.00 am located at Ground Floor near the entrance lobby of main hospital building.The telephone extension number is 528 & 687.

Parking Services
Parking facility for patient / patient attendant is available at hospital premises;
depending upon the parking space available at that point of time.

Pharmacy Services
Pharmacy services (drugs, medicines, nutritional supplements) are available at Ground Floor near the entrance lobby of main hospital building. The telephone extension number is 527 & 525.

Public Telephone Service
Public telephone services are available to deliver STD, ISD & Fax Services. It is located on the ground floor of main hospital building near pharmacy.

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