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IANS story on Selfie craze (05)
Posted On: 12-Aug-2015


Of late, the craze for clicking all kinds of selfies has been creating a havoc across the globe, and in some cases, the madness. But, if you are among those parents who are constantly worried about your young ones being occupied with selfies, the moment you are out on a family dinner or holidaying, brace yourself for worse to come.

First, selfie phones and selfie sticks are no longer just a convenience but considered the new symbol of self-absorption, say experts, adding that the selfie fever can further isolate this generation and those to come.

Megastar Amitabh Bachchan recently said he was left disgusted by the insensitivity of young fans who surrounded him and began clicking selfies while he was attending the cremation of a friend.

"Disgusting! No respect for the departed, or for the moment," Bachchan later posted in a tweet.


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