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What is Parkinson’s?

Parkinson’s is a chronic progressive degenerative disorder affecting mainly people above age of 60. Males are more prone than females. Worldwide prevalence is 0.3 – 1 %. In India this is the second most chronic degenerative disorder after Alzheimer and the prevalence advances as the age advances. Between the age of 70-79 years it could be as high as 280 for Hundred thousand people.



It is caused by dopamine deficiency which is a chemical Neuro-transmitter in the brain mainly in the centres controlling the mobility.


The main symptoms are tremor, rigidity, stiffness, slowing and imbalance however there are other non-motor symptoms like apathy, anxiety, depression, dementia, sexual disturbances and sleep disturbances. It also affects gastric system leading to lack of appetite, indigestion, constipation and genito urinary system producing frequency of micturition and incontinence of urine.


Pre-detection tests:

In Parkinson’s there is no test to detect Parkinson; it is mainly clinical examination to confirm the onset and the stage of the diseases. An isotope scan can be carried out to confirm the disease however is available in very few centers. The diseases relentlessly progress inspire of medicines as there is not curative treatment but these medications improve quality of life and patients can live a normal life with proper adjustment of treatment for very long time.



The treatment in the early Parkinson’s symptoms are very amenable to medical therapy mainly dopamine replacement therapy with L-dopa and carbi – dopa however as the disease advances and age advances there is a less response to the standard medication and one needs to increase frequency of medication and there are side effects of medications.

The non-motor symptoms also advances in the late Parkinson’s after 8-10 years of the disease and will require very complex treatment to continue dopa minargic stimulation.

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