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Bariatric Surgery Helps You Lose Fat to Make Your Tummy Flat

Have you been seeking the best way to lose weight? Have you tried all those diet pills and supplements, and yet feel that your weight has not gone down as much as you had expected? Then you are not alone, as there are millions of people all over the world who are in the same dilemma. If the latest report in The New England Journal of Medicine is to be believed, there are over 14.4 million kids in India who are overweight, ranking India second worldwide in the obesity index.


For a lot of us who have extra body weight in the form of fat, it becomes quite difficult to lose all of it and gain those hot abs you always dreamed of. If you are suffering from a genetic predisposition to gain weight, then conventional weight loss methods may show minimal, or no results at all.


This is where the bariatric surgery comes torescue. Bariatric surgery is often called simply as "weight loss" surgery. Bariatric surgeries aim to remove excess fat from the body using different surgical methods, to give you a fat-free, healthy and attractive body shape overall.


Let us learn more about getting the best bariatric surgery in Mumbai.


Tell me more about Bariatric Surgery


There are mainly two types of bariatric surgeries – mal-absorptive and restrictive weight loss surgeries.


In the mal-absorptive type of bariatric surgery, the surgeon will aim to reduce the size of the stomach and bypass a part of your small intestine, to ensure that the food which is eaten is not absorbed completely.


The other bariatric surgery technique, restrictive bariatric method, requires the surgeon to decrease the size of the stomach significantly. This weight loss surgery method aims to limit the amount of food which is normally eaten by you while having a meal.


Both surgeries involve isolating, or completely removing, a major portion of the stomach. This technique lets you eat remarkably less food than you used to eat earlier, thus regulating the amount of daily calories intake. As the body does not get the higher amount of calories that it did earlier, the body begins to use the extra fat stored in the body, as asource of energy. This results in a gradual, but very noticeable, decrease in body weight, thus giving youa slimmer and healthier body shape.


There are several different techniques used to perform either of these two types of bariatric weight loss surgery, but all surgeries are done laparoscopically or robotically, i.e. making 3-4 very small cuts on your tummy.


Results from Bariatric Surgery


It is, however, important to note that these bariatric surgeries are only aimed to enable weight loss in your body, and the results may vary according to the quality of post-operative care and your rate of recovery from the surgery.


If you wish to finally get rid of the bulging tummy and get in shape effectively, it is highly advised to undergo bariatric surgery at a renowned and reliable hospital for best results.


We, at the Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital, offer the most advanced and best bariatric surgery in Mumbai. Our advanced hospital is equipped with the latest in medical and surgical equipment to enable the expert bariatric specialists in performing excellent and highly successful weight loss surgery for every patient.


Bariatric surgery

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