Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital was the first private charitable hospital in Mumbai. It already had a Cancer Centre which was established in Jan 1980 and inaugurated by Mother Teresa. Since May 2012, Healthcare Global (HCG) has tied up with Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital to upgrade and run the erstwhile cancer center by establishing the BNH HCG Cancer Centre - a center dedicated to comprehensive cancer care.

The BNH HCG Cancer Centre comprises of a dedicated cancer ward, the Advanced Centre for Radiation Oncology (ACRO), a Nuclear Medicine department, a 64-slice PET CT machine, an Automated Breast Volume Scanner (ABVS), the Mammomat Breast mammography machine, specialized Day Care beds for chemotherapy and a Histopathology department. More facilities are being added.

Services of Cancer Department
The BNH HCG Cancer Centre conducts approximately 250 major and 200 minor operations annually. Since its inception, all major cancer surgical procedures have been carried out at the Department. The Department of Oncology has earned a reputation for itself in the management of head and neck cancer.

The Preventive Cancer Detection Centre conducts regular checkups of patients for early detection of cancer. Diagnostic facilities such as expert pathology, advanced imaging like the PET and CT scan, breast scanning machines, MRI scan and radioisotope studies together help advance the scope and reputation of the Oncology Department.

The department has hosted 4 workshops and Technology Transfer programmes in head and neck cancer surgery and general oncology surgery, since 1987. Live operations were demonstrated on a 20 - foot wide screen to 250 national and international delegates, and these were a pioneering effort in medical education. The department has offered its services at various cancer detection camps held in remote areas of the Indian states of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

Because of this partnership, patients will now have access to other services like cyber knife, bone marrow transplant, available at the HCG centers in other parts of the country but not currently available here at very reasonable rates.

OPD Timing


Dr. R. Gopal


12.00 – 1.00 pm



12.00 – 1.00 pm

Dr. Bhavna Parikh


12.00 – 1.00 pm







1.00 – 2.00 PM



1.00 – 2.00 PM



1.00– 2.00 PM



1.00 – 2.00 PM



1.00 – 2.00 PM



1.00 – 2.00 PM

Services Offered

Day Care Oncology

Chemotherapy is one of the integral parts of cancer treatment. We have a Day Care ward for chemotherapy with trained nurses.

• Chemotherapy
• Day care facilities – 4 Beds
• In-house oncology pharmacy
• Center for Breast Health
• Preventive Oncology


In our hospital all type of major and supra-major surgeries are being performed successfully on routine basis:

• General Onco SurgeriesOperation Theatre
• Lung Cancer
• Pancreatic Cancer
• Gynaec - Onco Surgeries
• Breast cancer and Breast conservation
• Gastro – intestinal (including sphincter saving surgery for cancer rectum)
• Uro Oncology
• Ortho Oncology
• Oral Onco Surgeries
• Head & Neck Cancer with reconstruction (micro vascular)


Dr. Balabhai Nanavati Hospital Department of Radiation Oncology was set up in 1980 to provide radiation therapy to patients.
Treatment Modalities –

1) IMRT, 2) 3DCRT, 3) Conventional, 4) Brachytherapy 5) HyperthermiaElekta Linear Accelerator

Advanced Centre for Radiation Oncology (ACRO) is the new wing of the Division of Radiation Oncology at Nanavati Hospital. It is situated at third level basement and boasts of 6 & 15 MV photons dual energy Precise Digital Linear Accelerator from Elekta. It also has six levels of electrons as well. The linear accelerator is also equipped with a multileaf collimator for intensity modulated radiation with online imaging. Virtual wedge is a unique feature of this machine. In vivo digital dosimeter monitors actual delivery of planned radiation. Precise Plan is a high end computerized planning system connected to CT & MRI scans to facilitate virtual simulation and IMRT planning is done on this machine with a special algorithm using inverse planning.

What does it all mean to the patient? This is about high precision delivery of high energy radiation to cancer embedded deep in the entrails of the body, but at the same time sparing radiation injury to normal tissues. It is much like snugly fitting stocking on a delicate leg, high dose of radiation enveloping tumor. The advantage for the patients would be to reduce acute and late toxicities while enhancing chances of cure.

Prostate cancer, Head and neck cancers and cervical cancer are eminently suitable for IMRT.


Established to impart Hyperthermic treatment, this facility is unique to our centre, and initial studies have demonstrated excellent results, comparable to data published in the west. Hyperthermia involves heating of cancerous tissue to temperatures of 41°C - 45°C, in order to render cancer cells inactive. Heat alone, or together with radiation and chemotherapy, helps mobilize cell kill rates. Head and neck cancer, and some pelvic tumors, can be effectively treated. The division will soon begin a prospective trial to prove its initial findings, with the support of the Indian Council of Medical Research.

A prospective trial to assess the benefits of hyperthermia treatment in HIV patients is also on the anvil. The department is also very active in the field of research. Multicentric trials with reputed institutes like the International Atomic Energy Agency and Department of Atomic Energy of India have been conducted. We work closely with the Indian Institute of Technology and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre in our research pursuits

IV) PET – CT Biograph CT


Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computerized Tomography (CT) are both standard imaging tools that allow physicians to pinpoint the location of cancer within the body before making treatment recommendations.

The highly sensitive PET scan detects the metabolic signal of actively growing cancer cells in the body and the CT scan provides a detailed picture of the internal anatomy that reveals the location, size and shape of abnormal cancerous growths.

Alone, each imaging test has particular benefits and limitations but when the results of PET and CT scans are "fused" together, the combined image provides complete information on cancer location and metabolism.

One can have both scans - PET and CT - done at the same time. Duration for carrying out whole body PETCT scan is 20 minutes.

We also do CT guided biopsies as well as Radio frequency ablations.

The installation of the PET CT machine along with the linear accelerator makes BNH HCG Cancer Centre one of the most advanced Oncology Centers, not only in Mumbai but also in India.

Indications of PET – CT

Features of our PET – CT program

• Oncology: Cancer staging and treatment response evaluation.

• State of the art cardiac capable PET – CT device

• Neurology: Early diagnosis of dementia, Epilepsy

• Quick Appointment

• Cardiology: Myocardial, Viability

• Rational scanning

• PUO: To detect focus of Infection

• Tailored protocols

• Orthopedic: To diagnose implant infection

• Affordable prices & Accurate reports

• Well Trained Consultants & Helpful Staff


Mammography is probably the most important tool doctors have to help diagnose and monitor
breast cancer patients. Regular screening mammograms can be one of the most effective
defenses against breast cancer. Digital Mammography

Leading experts, including the National Cancer Institute, the American Cancer Society, and the American College of Radiology, recommend a mammogram every year for women age 40 and older. When breast cancer is found early and is still localized, the relative survival rate at five years is 96%.

Types of Mammograms Film Mammograms:
A lady technologist positions the breast between two plates.
- A specialized camera then takes pictures of each breast from two directions. This technique has been used since the 1960s.

Digitals Mammograms:
- Digital mammography uses the same technique as film screen mammography except that the image is recorded directly into a computer.
- The image can then be enlarged or highlighted. It can be stored and sent like other computer files.
- X-ray film is replaced by digital detectors similar to those found in digital cameras. Digital mammograms are safe and highly accurate.

Advantages of Digital Mammograms


Breast self examination

Film Mammogram

Digital Mammogram

Size of tumor

Detects lumps>10 mm in size

Detects lumps>5mm in size

Detects lumps>5mm in size

X-ray dose


More than digital

Minimal amount – safest





Tissue Type

May miss lesions

May miss lesions in dense breasts

Suitable for any breast type

Time taken for test

3-5 mins

2-3 mins plus film developing time

2-3 mins. No need for films to develop

Comfort level

High, since it is by oneself

Firm pressure

Firm pressure

Diagnosis Accuracy

Very poor



Detection Accuracy


Good. However, it is hard to see tiny ‘spots’ and subtle forms of early cancer.



Very convenient


Most convenient

Picture Analysis


Not possible to change image

Image size, brightness, contrast can be changed to see better.

Repeat Mammogram


May need to be repeated, leading to anxiety, higher X-ray exposure, expenses.

May need to return less often since original image can be looked at differently.

Expert Opinion


Cannot be sent to experts easily

Can e emailed to consult even with specialists abroad.

Value for Money



High. Since you may save cost of repeat tests, anxiety is less, image quality is higher.



The Gamma Camera is capable of acquiring & processing the whole gamut of Nuclear Medicine Procedures like Static, Dynamic, Whole body, Multigated Cardiac, Tomographic & Gated Tomographic Studies.

SPECIAL FEATURES OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE The Hallmark of Nuclear Medicine Procedure is its ability to provide functional information of organs to the clinicians. As is well known pathophysiological alterations antedate morphological (structural) changes. While X-ray, CT Scan, Ultrasonography & MRI imaging modalities are capable of detecting structural changes in an organ, Nuclear Medicine procedures score over them and have an advantage over other imaging modalities by not only diagnosing the diseases early before morphological changes take place, but also differentiate between viable, ischemic and non-viable tissue once the structural changes have taken place in a disease process. Nuclear Medicine scan is unique because it provides pictorial representation of structure, function and pathophysiology at the cellular and intracellular level of the organ.


Our Histopathology unit does routine plus frozen section biopsies, fine needle aspiration cytology and cytology of cervical smears, sputum and all body fluids. We also do immune-marker and tumor marker studies. We are assisted by the HCG Triesta laboratory at Bangalore which has NABL & CAP accreditation in processing samples.

We routinely do the following tests: ER/PR/ HER -2/CER-B2 for Breast Cancers, KI – 67, CK-IT, C-ERB B2 by Fish Method, Lymphoma Package, Custom IHC Panel.


Cancer has become one of the ten leading causes of death in India. It is estimated that there are nearly 2.5 million cancer cases at any given point of time, with over 10 Lakh new cases and 5.5 Lakh deaths occurring every year due to this disease.

Common sites for cancer in India are Oval Cavity, Lungs, Esophagus and stomach in males and breast, cervix and oral cavity in females. Over 70% of cases report in advanced stages of disease, resulting in poor survival, “The only cure for cancer is prevention”.

Our Preventive Oncology Department routinely conducts camps and events like Health education talks on Cancer prevention and early detection and Cancer Screening & Follow-up clinics

Besides we have a dedicated Women’s Cancer Clinic for Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Uterine Cancer, Vaginal Cancer and Breast Cancer. We have very reasonable packages for our Preventive Clinic clients.

Awards of BNH Collaborator – Healthcare Global Enterprises Ltd. (HCG)
Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year award, 2011
CII Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award, 2011
Frost and Sullivan Oncology leader of the year 2 times in a row – 2011 & 2012
Best place to work in Indian healthcare in 2012

For appointments / information, Contact us at:

Day Care Oncology – 022 - 26267500 (Extn.689) / 26267645 / 26103044
Radiation Therapy - 022 - 26182255 (Extn. 692) / 26267645 / 26103044
PET CT - 022 - 26182255 (Extn. 574) / 26267645 / 26118693 / 26103044
Mammography - 022 - 26267500 (Extn. 541/581) / 26267645 / 26103044
Nuclear Medicine - 022 - 26267500 (Extn. 569/652) / 26267645 / 26103044
Histopathology -022 - 26267500 (Extn. 572) / 26267645 / 26103044