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Dr. Harish Pathak

Sr. Consultant Nephrologist & Transplant Physician (Renal Specialist)

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Brief Profile


MBBS - P.D.M.M.C. (AMRAVATI), 2002
MD Medicine - University of Mumbai, Mumbai, 2007
DM Nephrology - Vellore, India, 2013

Research and Publications

 Research Experience:

  • Dyslipidemia in renal allograft recipients:- Submitted to the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University in fulfilment of the University regulations for award of DM in the year 2013
  • Predictions of the infract related Artery on Electrocardiogram and correlation with Cornanry Angigography in acute myocardial infraction summitted to Mumbai university in fulfilment of the university regulations for the award of MD in the year of 2007



  • A study of Dyslipidemia in renal allograft recipients (A5). Indian Journal of Transplantation 2012 October- December ;6 (4): 148-9. Pathak HR, Basu G, Mohapatra A, David VG, Alexander S, Valson A, Varughese S, Jacob CK, Tamilarasi V.
  • A novel technique of bedside peritoneal catheter repositioning; 52nd ERA EDTA congress London Abstract co-author




1. Endocrinal Emergencies
2. Muscle enzymes
3. Isolated orbital tuberculosis
4. Tropical aortoarteritis
5. Endocrinal myopathy
6. Critical illness myopathy and neuropathy
7. Myocardial involvement in Leptospirosis
8. Toxic shock syndrome
9. Isolated sclerotic myeloma and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyradiculopathy
10. Pathophysiology and management of edema in nephrotic syndrome
11. Membranous nephropathy diagnosis and recent advances in management
12. Management of osteoporosis in CKD
13. Paraneoplastic glomerulonephritis
14. Micro RNA as mediator and therapeutic in CKD
15. Transplant immunology basics
16. Lupus Trials
17. Diuretics in AKI
18. Myeloma laboratory diagnosis and renal biopsy
19. Indication of dialysis in AKI when and How.
20. Small leucine rich proteoglycans in Kidney diseases

Speciality Interest

Renal (Kidney) Surgery, Renal Angioplasty & Stenting, Renal ( Kidney ) Stones Treatment, Nephrotic Syndrome Treatment, Adult Nephrology, Nephrology ICU.

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