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Nanavati AV

Your Doctor

Dr. Sanjay Nabar

Head, Department of Urology.

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Patient Testimonial

Dr. Mihir Bapat sharing his thoughts on modern invasive spine surgery.....

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Stent /
Implant Pricing

Coronary stents
Coronary stents list with their chargeable price to patients

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TKR Implant
As per NPPA notification - new chargeable prices for TKR Implant

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June 2019
Free Obesity & Diabetes Camp

For those weighing over 90 kg with type 2 Diabetes....

June 2019
Free Antenatal Classes

Pregnancy Guidance Workshop ....

May 2019
Free Antenatal Classes


The coverage of Dr. Sanjay Dudhat in Sakaal Times

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, Dr. Sanjay Dudhat talks about debunking addiction. ....

The coverage of Dr. Salil Shirodkar in DNA

On the occasion of World Hypertension Day, the articles talk about how Hypertension is related to sedentary lifestyle and the dangers of Hypertension.....

The coverage of Dr. Yajuvendra Gawai in Mumbai Mirror.

The article talks about the common feet related problems and how one can take care. ....

Mobility Restored

A 62 yrs old female...

A Hidden Problem

A 54-year-old working woman with an active exercise routine wad living a normal life. Her daily workout included 8 km wa...

The expanding scope of nephron-sparing surgery in renal tumors

A 55-year old gentleman was detected to have a left kidney tumor on evaluation for hypertension and a left-sided stroke....

March-2019 | Issue 35
Super Speciality Hospital India
Pulse Newsletter March 2019

It has always been our constant endeavour to achieve...

February-2019 | Issue 34
Super Speciality Hospital India
Pulse Newsletter February 2019

Load Off The Chest...

January-2019 | Issue 33
Super Speciality Hospital India
Pulse Newsletter January 2019

An Amalgamation of MAXIMUM PROPORTIONS one to one with MR. Abhay Soi...

Whenever we hear about any type of surgery for medical reasons, we assume it to be being performed on huge portions of the body with massive surgical ...

Many of us could be unaware of the fact that India is considered as a top contender for medical facilities in the entire world, primarily because of t...

Many people are not aware of allergic rhinitis or what we commonly refer to as hay fever, so I sat down with an expert from one of the best ENT hospit...

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