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Dr. Rujuta Mehta

Dr. Rujuta Mehta is a HOD Paediatric Orthopaedic at Bai Jerbai Wadia Hospital for Children - since 2005.

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Patient Testimonial

First time I am under treatment in any hospital however....

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Health Tips Grow your height with Turnip
Turnips are found to be rich in growth hormones and intake of turnips on a regular basis will help in boosting your height.
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NSSH Accident & Emergency Centre Launch Print Coverage

NSSH Accident & Emergency Centre Launch Print Coverage...

IANS story - going in for long-distance running? (10)

Going in for long-distance running? Get your heart screened...

EQ The Success Factor

EQ The success factor...

Mumbai doctors save Pakistani boy's cancer-affected hand

A young Pakistani boy, who was on the verge of getting his hand severed in his home country, was saved by Indian doctors. After having travelled to La

UST Global develops telemedicine application for mobile devices

UST Global, an information technology solutions and services company has developed a unique and advanced Telemedicine application for mobile devices.

Second cadaver donation within 10 days of new year

The city witnessed the year's second cadaveric organ donation on Friday when the family of a 73-year-old Bandra resident donated herorgans to help

One step at a time for this 96-yr-old woman

In a rare case, 96-year-old Nirmalaben Patel was able to walk jus 24 hours within being operated for a shattered hip whe

Foods that Reduce Bone Density

Certain foods and nutrients can reduce bone density and increase your risk for osteoporosis. Learn how to tailor your di

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

You need vitamin D for healthy bones and to boost your immune system, but use care when getting it from sun exposure.

Health Impact

By doing well the duty which is nearest to us, the duty which is in our hand now, we make ourselves stronger...

Jan - Mar 2009
Health Imapact volume 15

We feel immense pride at the bravery shown by our men in eliminating the terrorists...

Jan - Mar 2011
Health Imapact volume 23

The goal of mankind is knowledge, Now this knowledge is unherit in man...

a passion for healing...